The divorce of Kate Hudson's parents a few months before her second birthday meant that she got to spend her childhood with an Oscar winner for a mom and an action hero as a step-dad. Naturally, she wanted to follow in their footsteps, but Goldie Hawn discouraged entering the industry right away, out of concern for her daughter's well being. Instead, Kate Hudson kept her artistic ambitions inside the class room through dance instruction and acting at the Santa Monica Playhouse. One of her early highlights was winning a school talent show by energetically bopping to the sounds of Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation."

Julianne Hough was born July 20, 1988, in Provo, Utah to a family of dancers (all four of her grandparents were professional dancers and her parents met while ballroom dancing in Utah). She was one of five children and began dancing at the tender age of 3. By just 9 years old, she was already dancing competitively.

When she was 10, Julianne Hough moved to London, England, where one of her older brothers, Derek, was already living (their parents sent them abroad in the midst of their divorce in an effort to spare them the burden of the separation).
Some girls grow up dreaming of a career in Hollywood. Others, like Blake Lively, have to be dragged into it by their brothers. Blake’s parents were both talent agents in L.A., so she had nothing but doors open. Still, she resisted Tinseltown’s siren call. So, brother Eric went behind her back and secretly signer her up with his agent. Unbeknownst to Blake, her career path had been laid out for her.

Lucy Katherine Pinder was born on December 20, 1983, in Winchester, Hampshire, England.
The beautiful Brit lived a relatively normal life, but when she was 19 years old, she and one of her friends were minding their own business on a beach in their hometown of Bournemouth when she was spotted by a freelance photographer. As Lucy recalls, "I don't know why we agreed, but he took some pictures of us on the beach, and sent them off to The Daily Star and The Sun. The Daily Star wanted some more photos and on the back of that I got a contract."

Stars 'Pretty Woman' Julia Roberts admitted to frequently wash your face after he become a global ambassador Lancome.
When asked about his new responsibilities as the icon's beauty products giant, she even jokingly.
"I think, I should stand up and wash my face again," he joked to WWD quoted from Hollyscoop.

Taylor Swift incessant smile merekahkan during the Grammy Awards 2010 took place in the week (31 / 1) yesterday evening. Well, he'd be proud of his achievements in the music world, because in the prestigious event for these musicians, he won four awards, including the award Album of the Year.

Beginning reading nominated for Best Country Song, Taylor had no idea if the winner for that category is himself. With a shock he stepped onto the stage to receive his first Grammy trophies.

Cindy Crawford - It was 25 years old and more than 1000 magazine cover, since Cindy Crawford entered the world models. The golden age as a model has passed, yet he still required to appear perfect.

Model flying-90s era has been the age of 43 years, and he re-decorate the cover of Harper's Bazaar February 2010 issue. Posing with a black dress, she showed its quality as a model of a veteran.

Renée Zellweger - Actress Renee Zellweger survived without injury after the accident in California, last Thursday.

According to TMZ, when he was about to open the door of his car parked at the curb Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, he was stunned because there was another car passing by and immediately hit it.

Katrina Kaif was born on July 16, 1984, in Hong Kong. She was one of eight girls born in Hong Kong to her Caucasian mother and Indian father. Her childhood was split between Hawaii and London, and it was in the former that she began her modeling career at age 14. After moving to London, she continued modeling, and eventually landed a role in her first film Boom.

Liv Tyler was born July 1, 1977, in Portland, Maine. Her unique first name came about after her mother, model and former rock groupie Bebe Buell, saw Liv Ullmann on the cover of a TV Guide the week Liv was born. As for the roots of her last name, Liv always believed that her father was musician Todd Rundgren, with whom her mother had a long-term relationship, as he helped raise her.

Katherine Heigl was born November 24, 1978, in Washington D.C., to parents Paul and Nancy. Raised in New Canaan, Connecticut, along with her two older brothers and older sister, Katherine Heigl's time in the spotlight began when she started modeling.

Cara Hain Wakelin was born on February 8, 1977, in Melbourne, Australia. Since the day she was born, Cara has had it tough, which turned her into a survivor. She was part of a quadruplet pregnancy, but only Cara and her fraternal twin, Bain, survived the troubled birth. Cara never met her Australian father and was raised by her mother in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Further tension came when Cara's mother married, then divorced; Cara's family was always short of money and moved as many as 15 times in 10 years.

Cheryl Ann Tweedy has spent nearly her entire life in the limelight. Born June 30, 1983, in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, Cheryl began her modeling career at the tender age of 6 when she won the prestigious World Star of Future Modeling competition. And she didn’t stop there. In the years that followed, she was named “Best Looking Girl of Newcastle,” “Most Attractive Girl” at the Metro Square, and she starred in a string of popular commercials seen throughout the British Isles.

The oldest of three, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can credit her close-knit family for instilling both the organic virtues and healthy values that would later help her look good and keep her out of trouble (for the most part) as a professional model. Thanks to a farm on the family property, homegrown vegetables were regular staples on the dinner table, and the supportive nature of her family gave Rosie Huntington-Whiteley a positive and realistic outlook on life.

Alessandra Ambrosio was born April 11, 1981, in Erechim, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The eldest of two daughters, she entered the world of modeling at the age of 14 when she won the Elite Look of the Year Contest. Her victory in the prestigious event led to a number of lucrative offers and, within a year, she was selected to appear in the Millennium GUESS campaign along with fellow Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros.

Born in New York City, on November 22, 1984, Scarlett Johansson is the youngest of four siblings -- she has an older brother and sister, as well as a twin brother. As might be expected of an acting prodigy, Scarlett had an unusually early interest in performing: She wanted to be an actress since age 3, and was acting professionally when she was only 8 years old. After taking classes at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute for Young People, Scarlett Johansson made her stage debut in the early 1990s in the off-Broadway production of Sophistry, alongside Ethan Hawke.

Elisha Ann Cuthbert was born on November 30, 1982, in Calgary, Alberta. As a child, Elisha’s cherubic looks made her a natural candidate for modeling, and it wasn’t long before she was posing in advertisements for various children’s clothing lines. Elisha, who grew up in Montreal, subsequently began to express an interest in acting; in 1996, she made her professional debut on the popular Canadian anthology series Are You Afraid of the Dark? Elisha Cuthbert’s bubbly demeanor and natural on-camera style made her an ideal fit for the role of host on the show Popular Mechanics for Kids, where she worked side-by-side with fellow up-and-coming performers like Jay Baruchel and Vanessa Lengies.

Jessica Karen Szohr was born March 31, 1985, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A natural beauty with mesmerizing blue eyes, she was discovered at the age of 16 while working at a Kohl’s department store. Her distinctive appearance made her a valuable commodity, and she soon began appearing in ads for a number of prominent national brands including Crate and Barrel, Mountain Dew, Sears, Quaker Oats, Jockey, Jansport, and Claire’s Boutique.

It soon became clear that Jessica Szohr had more options than most of her fellow classmates, and she was eventually forced to decide between acting and academics. “In my senior year of high school, my parents sat me down and asked if I really wanted to go to college, or was I just doing it for them,” she recalls. “So with their blessing, I decided to go out to Los Angeles for pilot season.”

January Jones was born January 5, 1978, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The eldest of three sisters, she attended Roosevelt High School where she balanced her studies with a part-time job at Dairy Queen. “I loved my after-school job at the Dairy Queen, though I’m sworn to secrecy about their recipes,” she says. “I’d whip up my own concoctions, like mixing ice cream with their slushy, which is now called a Misty Freeze. I did that before it was even on their menu.”

Kate Elizabeth Winslet was born October 5, 1975, in Reading, England. With acting deep-rooted into her genes, it was no wonder that Kate herself would also turn to the dramatic arts.
Her grandparents, Oliver and Linda Bridges, founded and operated the Reading Repertory theater; father Roger Winslet and mom Sally were both actors; uncle Robert Bridges appeared in the original West End production of Oliver!; and both her sisters Beth and Anna are actors. Her younger brother Joss is probably the only Winslet who did not enter the family business.

Carmen Garcia Born July 16, 1977, in Havana, Cuba, and raised in Miami, Florida, Carmen Garcia spent much of her youth struggling with an eating disorder. “My desire to gain weight was always prominent but I just couldn't work up a normal appetite in my growing years,” she recalls. “Not to mention the fact that I've always had a fast metabolism and I've always been the hyperactive type.”

Carmen Garcia tried extreme measures to add weight to her skinny frame, but nothing she did seemed to work. “In high school, I began to eat a lot junk food and still no weight gain!” she says. “The years rolled by and finally I began to see a little gain but it was not muscle gain. It was flab!”

Though she lived in Costa Rica for three months as a child, Holly Beth Weber spent the majority of her formative years in Southern California. Holly’s affinity for sun and sand was cemented early on, and she continues to remain close to the water.